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Resort Hotel Amenities

  • Big pleasant suites
  • Modern decoration
  • Regional wines
  • Air-condition, mini-bar, Telephone
  • Central heat, TV
  • satellite-TV, Parking
  • Wood fireplace stove(Palazeti)
  • Chocolates
  • Raki with plums
  • Mattress, Upper mattress, cocomat pillow

Trivago Award

Best (Designer Hotel) East Macedonia and Thrace


  • Boutique Hotel "Kladi elias"
  • Mesoropi
  • Municipality of Piereon
  • Kavala, Macedonia
  • Tel. - Fax: +30 2592093293
  • Mob.: +30 6973306955
  • P.C.: 64008

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History of Mesoropi

From the 6th BC. we meet the village with its current name but not in the same position. It was originally built in the heart of the valley at the point where now stands the church of St. George. It then moved north, where today is the land around the village and the 6th AD moved to its present position. The reason for all these movements were the raids by other nations because of the rich gold mines that existed in the area. The entire area around the village was full of kilns, where they were burning the minerals and getting pure gold. Because of this, when the residents of Mesoropis was made to move farther north for the third time, although the area was a forest of oaks, elms, miliaria, chestnuts, helmet and other trees, it was very familiar to them because they usede to work there.

In 1373 the Mesoropi and the surrounding area was occupied by the Turks. Very few Turks settled in Mesoropi, and they quickly abandoned due to constant beatings and cold attitude of Mesoropians. It is said that every night St. George beat them with the whip, so they were forced to leave. But the Turks allegedly badly and force them to chores from nearby villages where they lived, so a delegation of Mesoropians went to Sultan in 1685, protested and vindicated.

According to tradition, around 1770-5, the kyrixe and the Word of God to "Mesochori" Kosmas of Aetolia passed by Mesoropi. Speaking to residents of the village, he pointed to their locations that thay had to build the churches of the Prophet-Elijah, Saint-Marina and Saint Dimitrios. Also, Mesoropianoi took part in the the struggle of Makedoniko for liberation from the Turks.